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About Innov.Club

The Innov.Club is an exclusive community that provides inspiring networking and learning opportunities for senior executives. Corporate innovators can connect with world-class speakers, develop professional skills, exchange valuable opinions and ideas and get different perspectives on their challenges.

Our goal is to empower organization’s leaders and create a safe environment to discuss some of the most pressing issues organizations face nowadays.

Explore New Ideas

Whether you are looking for a solution to your challenges, ways to achieve your goals or simply clarity, Innov.Club is the place for you. Explore new ideas and approaches by joining the discussion with your peers and worldwide experts.

Build a new connection

Be part of a growing community of executives and senior leaders that share your innovative mindset and face similar challenges.

Learn and Grow

Our events are designed to help you supercharge your path forward with speakers from different areas, learning expeditions to innovation ecosystems, and much more.

How it Works?

Innov.Club is an exclusive community with different ways to engage that will boost personal and professional growth.


Monthly sessions with world-class speakers

Each session is designed to help you reach your full potential with speakers from different areas, such as book authors, academics, top executives from global companies and more.

  • Ten events per year
  • Renowned speakers from all over the world
  • Includes books of invited authors

Dinner with speakers

A perfect opportunity to build deeper connections with world-class speakers and peers in a more relaxed atmosphere and be part of a more intimate discussion .

  • Ten events per year
  • Limited spaces for a more intimate setting

Annual gathering

A valuable networking opportunity, allowing attendees to connect. The gathering will happen in an exclusive location, where members will experience inspiring sessions and conversations while building meaningful and lasting relationships among their peers

    Learning Expeditions

    Immersive experiences aiming to inspire and train business leaders in exclusive locations.
    Visit leading organizations and learn from experts in some of the most innovative ecosystems in the world.

    • A week of inspiring seminars from world-class experts
    • In unique locations in different countries
    • Up to 20 places available

      Supercharge Your Path Forward

      Pauline Foessel

      Pauline Foessel

      Founder and Director at Artpool and Underdogs Gallery

      Date: January
      Venue: Lisbon


      John Krakauer

      John Krakauer

      Professor of Neurology, Neuroscience, and Physical Medicine & Rehabilitation at Johns Hopkins School of Medicine

      Date: February
      Venue: Lisbon


      Soren Lethin

      Soren Lethin

      Innovation Catalyst at Lego

      Date: March
      Venue: Lisbon


      Olivier Woeffray

      Olivier Woeffray

      Foresight, Strategy and Insights Lead at Arup and former Practice Lead - Strategic Intelligence at World Economic Forum

      Date: April
      Venue: Lisbon


      Tony Fernandes

      Tony Fernandes

      CEO at UEGroup

      Date: May
      Venue: Lisbon


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