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Podcasts have revolutionized the way we consume information and entertainment, emerging as a versatile and engaging medium for audiences worldwide. These digital audio files, which can be streamed or downloaded from the internet, cover an array of topics, from true crime and storytelling to business insights and educational content.

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Your Journey with Innov.Club

Innov.Club opens the doors to boundless personal and professional growth. Here’s how you can engage to supercharge your path forward.


Monthly sessions with world-class speakers

Each session is designed to help you reach your full potential with speakers from different areas, such as book authors, academics, top executives from global companies and more.

  • Ten events per year
  • Renowned speakers from all over the world
  • Includes books of invited authors

Dinner with speakers

A perfect opportunity to build deeper connections with world-class speakers and peers in a more relaxed atmosphere and be part of a more intimate discussion .

  • Ten events per year
  • Limited spaces for a more intimate setting

Annual gathering

A valuable networking opportunity, allowing attendees to connect. The gathering will happen in an exclusive location, where members will experience inspiring sessions and conversations while building meaningful and lasting relationships among their peers

    Learning Expeditions

    Immersive experiences aiming to inspire and train business leaders in exclusive locations.
    Visit leading organizations and learn from experts in some of the most innovative ecosystems in the world.

    • A week of inspiring seminars from world-class experts
    • In unique locations in different countries
    • Up to 20 places available

       Join Innovation Top Thinkers

      David Rowan

      Founding Editor-in-Chief of the Wire in the UK

      David is the author of the bestseller ‘No Bulshit Innovation’, founding Editor-in-Chief of the Wire in the UK, and adviser and investor to more than 60 tech startups.

      David will talk about the difference between pointless corporate innovation theatre and delivering real change by sharing examples of transformative approaches to innovation, often found in places you might least expect.

      Date: January 23rd
      Venue: Lisbon

      Pedro Bizarro

      Co-founder and Chief Science Officer of Feedzai

      Pedro Bizarro is the co-founder and CSO of Feedzai, a $2B+ unicorn and industry-leading artificial intelligence platform responsible for fraud detection in 50% of all US payment transactions.

      He will share a 360º view of corporate applied research and how to go from active resistance to disruptive success. With a complete overview of the process, including ideation, patents, dissemination, and more, Pedro will share how to develop products from scratch using research.

      Date: February 28th
      Venue: Lisbon

      Ikhlaq Sidhu

      Dean and professor of IE Business School

      Ikhlaq is a founding faculty director at the University of California Berkeley’s Sutardja Center for Entrepreneurship & Technology and the author of the book Innovation Engineering.

      Ikhlaq is also an internationally renowned scientist, entrepreneur, and academic in the areas of Technology and Engineering and holds 75 patents in internet communication technologies. He developed the Berkeley Method of Entrepreneurship for creating new ventures and Berkeley’s Engineering Leadership Programs for technology leaders.

      Date: March 21st
      Venue: Lisbon

      Brant Cooper

      Book author and CEO of
      Moves the Needle

      Brant Cooper is the author of several books on entrepreneurship and innovation, including ‘Lean Entrepreneur’ and more recently ‘Disruption Proof’. An inventor and founder, his last endeavor is Moves The Needle, an organization helping companies to adopt entrepreneurial ways of working to find new growth, create customer value, and execute more efficiently.

      Date: May 29th
      Venue: Lisbon

      Paulo Dimas

      VP of Product Innovation at Unbabel

      Paulo is the Vice President of Product Innovation at Unbabel and a successful entrepreneur and product manager. He leads Unbabel Labs, a multidisciplinary team driven by first principles and fast experimentation, and contributes to Unbabel’s product strategy and execution. Unbabel has a strong focus on AI, offering multilingual translation services by combining machine translation and human post-editing and is now leading a consortium on responsible AI.

      Date: April 19th
      Venue: Lisbon

      Doug Powell

      Former VP of Design at IBM and Expedia Group

      Doug Powell is an award-winning designer with more than 30 years of experience in a wide range of design disciplines and a global thought-leader on the subject. In the past decade Doug has served as Vice President of Design at IBM and Expedia Group. He will join Innov.Club to share how to infuse organisations with a sustainable culture of human-centered innovation.

      Date: June 19th
      Venue: Lisbon

      Heather King

      Advisor and Former Senior Director for Sustainability Education at Salesforce

      Heather has been an executive in operating roles for companies large and small (start-ups), a journalist and producer following business leadership and impact, and a strategy consultant to investors, executive teams, and founders. She worked for leading organizations such as Acumen, Stanford, McKinsey, Singularity. Until recently Heather was Salesforce Senior Director for Sustainability Education and has since focused on mentor and consult C-Level globally on innovation leadership.

      Date: September 18th
      Venue: Lisbon

      Maxine Bedat

      Author and Executive Director at New Standard Institute

      Maxine Bédat is a prominent figure in the sustainable fashion industry. She is a co-founder and former CEO of Zady, an ethical fashion brand and the author of Unraveled: The Life and Death of a Garment,” sharing a deeper understanding of the fashion industry’s impact. She is now the Executive Director of the New Standard Institute, a research and action think tank to advance accountability in fashion.

      Date: October 11th
      Venue: Lisbon

      Corrine Vigreux

      Co-founder and CMO of TomTom

      Corrine is a French business executive and entrepreneur. She is a co-founder of the Dutch electronics company TomTom and current CMO, Vice-Chair of the supervisory board of Just Eat – Takeaway and Chairwoman of TechLeap NL. Corrine also founded Codam Coding College, a nonprofit tuition-free computer programming school in Amsterdam, part of the Ecole 42 Network.

      Date: November 23rd
      Venue: Lisbon

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